Educating about the rights of employers and directing and guiding them to their rights, through educational programs. Our Vision

About Us

Tawjeeh Qeyada center is a member of Saif Belhasa Holding Group.

Qeyada, is belonging to Saif Belhasa Holding Group, licensed by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) that operates under specific foundations and rules within a unified identity and national cadres.


Qeyada also provides labor guidance services to employers and workers, including rights and duties before the beginning of the work relationship to ensure professional stability through guidance and awareness.

Regarding the provisions of organizing labor relations and ministerial decisions implementing it, and other professional services are provided to workers in a way that serves the awareness side of work, including services for work permits, work contracts, providing work certificate issuance services for workers and distributing awareness leaflets to employers and workers.

Our Services

  • Typing a new job offer letter
  • Pre- Approval for work permit payment fees
  • New Electronic work permit
  • Submit New Electronic work Permit & Mission Electronic Work Application
  • Renew Electronic Work Permit
  • Submit Renew Labor card / work permit application
  • Electronic Work permit/Pre Approval for work permit fines.
  • Updates Establishment information.
  • Company Fines
  • Typing Temporary Pre Approval for Work Permit Application
  • Receiving Transaction for withdraw abscond
  • Add Electronic Pro.
  • New E-Sign Card for Owners.
  • New E-Sign Card for PRO.
  • Activate new eSign card for Owner/PRO.
  • Replace Old eSign Card with New.
  • Print request for new eSign Card.
  • Guide and Raise Awareness to Employers and Employees.
  • Provide Labor Certificates Issuance Services.
  • Distribute & Deliver Awareness Leaflets to Employees & Employers.


Typing New Job Offer Letter

103 AED

1. Passport copy of applicant  
2. E-signature card  
3. Name of applicant in Arabic and

Renew Electronic Work Permit (Typing of Labor contract)

103 AED

1. Old visa of the Applicant  
2. Photo of the Applicant  
3. E-signature Card  

New Electronic Work Permit

103 AED

1. Passport Copy  
2. Labor Card Number  
3. Employement visa stamped with entry date or changed status with approval date  
4. Photo of applicant  
5. E-Signature card  

New Electronic work permit & Mission Electronic Work Permit application

203 AED

1. Attend the Lecture  
2. The final labor contract signed/finger stamped  
3. Employment Visa  

Replace old e-signature card with a new one

123 AED

1. Old E-signature Card  
2. Original Emirates ID  

Electronic Work Permit/Pre-Approval for Work Permit Fines

Fine + 43 AED

No Documents Required

New Smart E-Signature Card

353 AED

1. Original Emirates ID of Owner  
2. Person Number  

Printing of Smart E-signature Card


Transaction Number (MB)

Typing Temporary Pre Approval for Work Permit Application

83 AED

  1. E-signature Card
  2. Passport copy
  3. Visa copy
  4. Personal photo
  5. Transaction Number (MB)

Receiving Transaction for withdraw abscond

83 AED

    1. Lab Card number
    2. Visa Copy (Residency)

Submit Temporary/Probational Pre Approval for Work Permit

83 AED

    1. E-signature
    2. Passport copy
    3. Visa copy
    4. Personal photo
    5. Transaction Number (MB)

Labour Case Cancellation

83 AED

  1. Company code
  2. Lab Card number
  3. Passport copy
  4. Visa copy

Receiving legal compliant from both sides

    1. Emirates ID
    2. Passport copy
    3. Visa Copy (Residency)
    4. Labour contract

E-signature / PRO card activation


    1. Original Emirates ID of the Owner or PRO
    2. Printed smart E-signature card
    3. Presence of the Owner for the fingerprints
    4. Presence of the PRO for the fingerprints

Submit renew labor card application

1- The final labour contract signed or stamped

* Price varies according to company category and degree

Low skilled Worker Skilled worker
A- 1063

753 AED

B- 1413

1253 AED

C- 1813

1753 AED
D- 2363 2253 AED

Withdraw Abscond Application

83 AED

Needed Documents

    1. Lab Card Number
    2. Visa Copy (Residency)